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Myre emerged as a graffiti writer while still a teenager, leaving his mark on public spaces in Paris and other big cities around the world. With his introduction to the budding graffiti scene in Latin America during his first trip there in the early 2000s, his approach began taking a definitive shape – a fusion between the tools of muralism, Latin American graphic art and an urban practice rooted in the rules that defined New York’s golden age. His lettering developed a universal geometric vocabulary tinged by the Chilean palette. This chromatic experimentation remains at the core in his recent, more figurative work. For the last ten years he has been doing studio work in a personal exploration where the aesthetics of graffiti writing meet art history.

Born in Chicago in 1976, Myre lives and works in Paris, France.

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B. Classical in door Studio work

2020: Group show in Paris

Urban Labyrinth (muralism projet)

Flowetry (muralism projet)

2019: Youth muralism projects in the city of Bobigny, France

2018: Solo Show (in Paris)

Group show in Barcelona Spain (SGaleria / Arteria)

2017: Solo show at l’espace Cinko (Paris)

Residency in the city of Mulhouse, France. An AKRylonumérik performance was created directly on site, as different interventions took place in the city.

Muralism projects in the city of Romainville and Cergy, France (as part of Cergy Street Art Park), as well as Brussels (Belgium) and Berlin (Germany).

2016: “Black Book Magic” AKRylonumérik installation

(Digital interactive installation in a 200m2 room, as part of the « Magic City » theme show, in Dresden Germany)

Muralism projects in the city of Bagnolet and Saint Ouen, France

2015: « We Art Urban » 2015 in Lagny sur Marne, France

Collaboration with the artist Joaquim Romain on a triptych done for the Conseil Général de Seine Saint Denis
AKRylonumérik Performance « Ghetto Blaster » in the city of Meaux, France
Group show « Libertés Chéries » in the city of Romainville, France
Muralism projects in the city of Santiago (Chile) and Bagnolet, France

2014: Festival La Voie est Libre in the city of Montreuil, France

Villette Street Festival (Group show)
25th Flour, Project in the Tour Pleyel (with 9eme Concepte)
Vente Artcurial au profit d’Autistes Sans Frontières

2013: Expo Nomade (Kosmopolite festival)

« Picture Hall » AKRylonumérik Installation at the Parc de la Villette, Paris France
Tour13 (Galerie Itinérance), Paris France
Group show at the casino in Biarritz, France
Vente au profit de Paris Tout Petit / Vente au profit de SOS Racisme

2012: « Calligraffiti » (Akrylonumerik collaboration with EL Seed)

done in the Pergamom museum of Berlin, Germany
and during the Nuit Blanche in Paris France
with the support of Nikki Diana Marquardt gallery
Vente au profit du Musée en Herbe

2011: Residence in the city of Eskesehir, Turkey

An AKRylonumérik performance was created directly on site, as different interventions took place in the city.
Group show « Paraiso Urbano » (Galerie Itinérance Paris France)

2010: « Zat (Zone artistique temporaire) »  – AKRylonumérik performance, Montpellier France
« Urban Proof » (for Nissan) – AKRylonumerik performance

2009: « TAG au Grand Palais » Grand Palais, Paris France
« Né dans la rue » – AKRylonumérik performance, Fondation Cartier, Paris France
« Mapping Festival » – AKRylonumérik performance, Geneva Switzerland
Muralism project in Ivry France, and at « Roskilde Festival », Copenhagen Denmark

“(…) my only sincere intention is to simply transform “rythmes” and “funk” into a painted or an animated surface, using colors and lines (…)”